ApplianSys DNSBOX CACHEBOX Authorized Partner

Web & Video Cache plus DDI DNS DHCP IPAM IP Address Management appliance based Solutions  from Appliansys offered by Imaginet - Appliansys' Premier Partner in the Philippines

ApplianSys is the server appliance specialist, providing appliance solutions for network, security and messaging issues. ApplianSys makes servers simpler to deploy and administer, more reliable and more secure. You'll also be able to reduce purchase costs, operating costs, and management headaches.

Imaginet is an ApplianSys Authorized Partner in the Philippines providing the DNSBOX - Easy DNS and DHCP Management, and IP Address Management DDI Integration, and the CACHEBOX - a wide range of web caching solutions for management, bandwidth optimization and security.

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Easy DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management Server Appliances

DNSBOX is a range of fit-to-purpose appliances combining the benefits of enterprise class DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format. Global 100, governments/public sector, service providers and SMEs around the world use DNSBOX because it makes DDI easier, save money and means they have less to worry about.

Rock Solid Web Caching Solutions

CACHEBOX combines enterprise-class cache servers with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format. With CACHEBOX web caching, you are able to reduce bandwith costs, accelerate web access, monitor employees browsing online, and ligthening the load on web server with reverse caching. The CACHEBOX cache server appliance give you performance caching/acceleration with outstanding value for money.
As an ApplianSys Authorized Partner, Imaginet delivers easy to use DNS DHCP & IP Address Management DDI Solutions for the Philippines.

ApplianSys developed the CACHEBOX web caching solution, and the DNSBOX DDI product range to solve several problems faced by today’s business networks.

CACHEBOX provides organizations with solutions for low or limited bandwidth issues, improving performance of cached content like online videos, and increasing overall internet browsing speed. At the same time, CACHEBOX offers the security, scalability and power of a server appliance.

DNSBOX can solve many DDI problems. Misconfigured or misallocated IP addresses create complexity and pose security risks. Standard Microsoft Windows-based DNS and older versions of BIND are inherently insecure. UNIX or Linux-based DNS solutions with BIND are more secure, but require dedicated expertise and are susceptible to syntactical and logical errors. The DNSBOX can simplify and increase control of the DDI administration and services, while ensuring they are secure from threats and failures.

ApplianSys range of secure appliances offer the industry-leading Web Caching, IPAM, DNS, and DHCP solution that solves these issues and securely provisions mission-critical services.