DNSBOX100 – Highly Secure DNS Slave/Cache

DNSBOX100 is a dedicated BIND-based DNS slave/secondary. Designed to integrate seamlessly with DNSBOX300 it also works with any other RFC compliant DNS master/primary server.

Simplify DNS slave/secondary management

  • Allows recursive queries (DNS cache)
  • Compatible with RFC compliant primary DNS servers
  • Supports slave, stub or forward zones
  • DHCP relay
  • Allows glue fetches
  • User interface makes managing a large number of zone easy

Purpose-built for maximum security, reliability and ease of use

  • Security built-in from the ground up
    • DNSBOX100 will support secure connections to DNSBOX300 via IPsec. Secure connection (using IPsec with public/private keys) is possible for other compatible primary servers
    • Custom Linux OS runs from read only CompactFlash
    • Web administration via secure SSL web interface
    • Runs current BIND version
    • Built-in firewall
    • TSIG support
  • High Availability and Clustering options
  • Simple upgrade facility: performance, feature and security updates packaged as a single file
  • SNMP support allows the box to be monitored by standard networking tools
  • Supports Syslog output to remote Syslog server
  • Failover support for all DNS and DHCP data to a standby unit
Imaginet is an ApplianSys Authorized Partner in the Philippines providing the DNSBOX - Easy DNS and DHCP Management  and IP Address Management DDI Integration, and the CACHEBOX - a wide range of web caching solutions for management, bandwidth optimization and security.