DNSBOX200 Ultra-Secure, High Performance DNS/DHCP Server

DNSBOX200 is a DNS slave, recursive resolver (DNS cache) and DHCP server for premium performance and security needs.This is a flexible appliance, which you can deploy to carry out different roles within your DNS/DHCP architecture. For each role, it will adapt to give you a high performance fit-for-purpose device.


  • It can be licensed and used for any or all of these roles
  • An adaptive GUI hides features you do not need
  • It integrates smoothly with DNSBOX400 to provide a complete solution
  • Equally, it can be deployed standalone to carry out a specific role

Its advanced design, with roles and services separated, gives you

  • The ability to deploy DNS Best Practice architectures for demanding situations at a sensible price
  • Flexible management of the device for easier administration and control
  • Advanced performance

When you use the authoritative resolver (DNS slave)…

  • Isolation from the recursive resolver service means authoritative DNS has another layer of protection, with any possible exposure via more vulnerable DNS caching eliminated
  • You have the specialist DNS admin features you need on a slave: granular control and monitoring of your slaved zones; flexible zone transfer options
  • Security features include support for DNSSEC signed zones and secure connections with other DNS servers in your architecture

When you use the recursive resolver (DNS cache)…

  • Separation of recursive and authoritative resolver roles means extra security and maximum performance
  • A purpose-built specialist recursive resolver delivers carrier-grade caching performance, security and control
    • 2.5x performance of BIND
    • Protects against DDoS attacks cache poisoning

When you use the DHCP server...

  • Fully featured DHCP management software, controlling industry-standard ISC DHCPD, makes configuration easy and accurate
  • It is simple to set up DHCP failover to ensure maximum availability of this critical service

Imaginet is an ApplianSys Authorized Partner in the Philippines providing the DNSBOX - Easy DNS and DHCP Management  and IP Address Management DDI Integration, and the CACHEBOX - a wide range of web caching solutions for management, bandwidth optimization and security.