DNSBOX400 – Integrated DNS, DHCP & IP Address Management

DNSBOX400 is a master appliance that integrates DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) to make managing large IP spaces easier. It can control an unlimited number of remote DNS and DHCP servers and lets any sized team of administrators, distributed anywhere around the world, manage the system at the same time.


Advanced, integrated IP Address Management

Planning the allocation of your IP space and tracking how actual IP addresses are being used is a major headache. Traditional tools such as spreadsheets, bespoke databases or standalone IP address management software can't cope. There are two main problems:

  • There are now so many IP addresses to manage, in more complex ways, very often these tools just can’t cope. They’re not making the data any easier to manage.
  • In big organizations, a large IP address space is often managed by many different people. It’s difficult to control actual IP address usage and keep it in line with planned allocation.

DNSBOX400 solves these problems. It combines carrier-class IP Address Management software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format to make managing large, complex IP address spaces easier.

Full integration with DNS and DHCP means corresponding data sets are automatically synchronized. So now there’s no difference between what you planned to use and what you actually use.

If you’re happy with your existing DNS/DHCP setup, you can deploy DNSBOX400 to overlay IP Address Management onto your system, giving you the benefits of advanced, integrated IP Address Management without the cost of scrapping what you already have.

  • DNS/DHCP administration made easy
  • DNSBOX400 is packed with automation and data validation features such as:
  • Automated updating of DNS zone serial numbers and reverse DNS records
  • Validation of all entries to DNS and DHCP configuration
  • Suggesting available IPs and subnets
  • Automated zone signing and DNSSEC key rollover
  • Immediate propagation of configuration and data changes to relevant slaves and the IPAM section of the DNSBOX400

Changes made in the IPAM interface are automatically validated, updated in other sections of the DNSBOX400 and propagated to the relevant slaves. DNSBOX makes administration much simpler, less error-prone, and slashes admin man-hours by more than 50%, giving organizations that administer DNS and DHCP every day payback in just a few months.

Imaginet is an ApplianSys Authorized Partner in the Philippines providing the DNSBOX - Easy DNS and DHCP Management  and IP Address Management DDI Integration, and the CACHEBOX - a wide range of web caching solutions for management, bandwidth optimization and security.