Web Caching Servers for Branch Offices and Schools

CACHEBOX050 and CACHEBOX100 are web caching appliances designed for schools, SMEs, branch offices and small ISPs. They combine feature rich caching software with the security, reliability, and ease-of-use of the appliance format.


CACHEBOX050 is a small form factor device, about the size of a standard laptop. CACHEBOX100 has the same features and performance level as the ‘050’ but is a 1U rack mountable version. You can use them alone or with CACHEBOX200 series appliances deployed further upstream.

Save bandwidth, save money

  • Fully featured caching software supports HTTP, FTP, and more
  • Flash Video Caching (YouTube, Google Video, etc.)
  • Pre-fetching and mirroring of content

Easier to manage

  • Secure web administration interface
  • On-Box Graphical Reporting
  • Operating system runs from read only Industrial CompactFlash
  • SNMP support allows the box to be monitored by standard networking tools
  • Supports custom ACLs
  • Logging

Flexible deployment

  • Forward, reverse, transparent, interception and explicit deployment modes
  • Clustering, load balancing and hierarchies
  • WCCP Support (v. 1&2, GRE and Layer 2) IP spoofing
  • Active Directory integration via NTLM authentication
  • Built in DHCP server supporting multiple network interfaces
  • Firewall with NAT forwarding for networking flexibility

Imaginet is an ApplianSys Authorized Partner in the Philippines providing the DNSBOX - Easy DNS and DHCP Management  and IP Address Management DDI Integration, and the CACHEBOX - a wide range of web caching solutions for management, bandwidth optimization and security.