Imaginet help pave the way for the rehabilitation of Manila’s NAIA T3 – A Case Study

Imaginet International Inc was selected as the subcontractor for the ‘Network Rehabilitation’ at the 3rd terminal of Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) by lead contractor, Japan’s Takenaka Group. The requested works were extended from refurbishment of the fiber optic network and upgrading of the Core and Edge switches, to include implementation of a High Availability Firewall solution, a Network Management system, replacement of four 30K UPS’s and the installation and commissioning of the passenger flight information display screens (FIDS).

“Imaginet’s involvement in this long running project has required a high degree of management flexibility as well as technical expertise given that the start time was not fixed due to the complexity of the negotiations between the key parties and the relatively short installation period. We were also faced with an iterative bidding process for the award of the sequential stages of the project. At the end of the day, from the Imaginet perspective, the project was completed on time, on budget and above the requested technical specification and we are very pleased to have been involved in this prestigious project to improve the country’s infrastructure.”

Blair Duncan, CEO, Imaginet International Inc., August 2014

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA 3) required extensive refurbishment having sat unused for nearly 6 years following its completion in 2002. Despite opening in 2008, NAIA 3 only ever reached around 50% of its projected operating capacity and for the first three years only handled the flights from the budget carrier, Cebu Pacific.

However, even at this stage, operations were severely hampered by the degradation of systems and equipment that had occurred during the enforced closure.

The refurbishment process was cemented when the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) and Japanese contractor Takenaka Corp. signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Monday 12/03/2012 in Tokyo, Japan.

Takenaka was the original contractor commissioned by Philippine International Air Terminals Co. to build NAIA 3 in 1998. Takenaka of Japan is one of the largest civil contractors in the world and has extensive airport experience in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Singapore amongst others.

The MOU signed, "Civil Works Agreement Estimate of 23 Systems," covered the delivery of Baggage Handling and Reconciliation System, Flight Information Display System, Building & Terminal Management System, Local Area Network, Fire Alarm and Protection System, and Passenger Loading Bridges.

Imaginet International Inc. participated in the bidding process with full compliance and transparency and was awarded the LAN Rehabilitation subcontract due to their competitive pricing, local installation experience and skilled workforce delivering a competitive advantage over the competing local & international bidding contractors.

In order to fulfill the contractual obligations, a full assessment of the condition of the previously installed equipment was required followed by the appropriate remedial or rectification works.

This commenced with the testing of the existing fiber optic network infrastructure to identify any degradation or failures since it had been installed and commissioned 12 years previously. Where failed cores or endpoints were identified, repairs, splices or replacement of the damaged fiber was required in order to reestablish the backbone for the terminal operations networks.

Next task was a replacement programme for the obsolete MGE UPS's with APC Schneider Galaxy units for the Terminal Operations and the LAN Switch Rooms to ensure a continuous and stable power supply and provide adequate backup time to allow the building auto-start generator sets to kick in at times of power loss from external sources.

With refurbishment of the fiber optic network and the provision of the stable power supply, it was then possible to move to the installation and commissioning of the network connectivity and security. Central to this was the supply, installation and commission of a CISCO ASA High Availability Firewall cluster to secure the network and enable secure VPN connectivity for key systems maintenance partners

Once in place, this allowed the decommissioning and removal for safe disposal of the existing but obsolete CISCO 6500 core & edge switches and their replacement with the new generation of CISCO 45xxE series core & edge switches.

This second phase of work continued with the implementation of a VSS based high availability configuration with multiple VLANs. These were specified to have no less than 5ms fail over in the event of any core or edge switch failures

A CISCO’s PRIME Network Management System (NMS) was selected and installed to monitor and manage the new CISCO IP infrastructure.


Final phase of works required the decommissioning of 320 CRT based Flight Display screens (FIDS) and the supply and installation of the replacement Samsung LCD screens, using low power & heat and a lightweight, slim design throughout the check ins and concourses plus the immigration, departure and boarding gate areas.

The FIDS were integrated to the T-Systems supplied FIDS network. The CUTE systems and check in endpoints were integrated to the ARINC CUTE & BHS systems. IBM servers were implemented to provide a platform for the PITC supplied SAP Terminal Operations/ Management systems.

Now completed and reopened, the NAIA 3 terminal building is estimated to have the capacity to service up to 33,000 passengers daily at peak. With its 34 air bridges and 20 contact gates, it can service up to 28 planes simultaneously.

Delta Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and KLM will all transfer their complete flight schedules before the end of 2014 and other airlines will follow suit. These five carriers have the highest volume of international flights coming in and out of NAIA.

With the transfer, the passenger volume at the congested NAIA 1 would be reduced from the current eight million to the airport’s design capacity of 4.5 million passengers annually.

“Our gateway airport will now be able to welcome 3.5 million more passengers with modern facilities every year, and NAIA 1 will now be considerably decongested to improve passenger convenience, Takenaka’s $40-million contract began in August last year. Over the past year, the Japanese firm has undertaken completion works for systems such as flight information displays, computer terminals, gate coordination, landing bridges and fire protection systems.”

Philippines Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya

As a leading sub contractor working on behalf of the Takenaka Corp. on the project, Imaginet International Inc. played a critical and highly significant part in the successful completion of the overall project. Demonstrating managerial capacity, workforce capability and installation processes designed to allow it to scale up to take on some of the largest civil networking projects.


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