eData Services Network Design Case Study

eData Services obtains a network upgrade plan for their Philippines Operations facility through Imaginet’s Network Design service, resulting in increased uptime and performance.

“Imaginet’s Network Design gave us the availability, performance and structured documented manageable systems that has virtually eliminated all our network downtime issues,” says Fred Kumetz, President, eData Services

eData receives increased uptime and performance with a network upgrade plan for Philippines operations with Network Design Services.eData Services is an American owned and operated information management and transcription company. eData provide services to medical, legal, insurance and accounting industries. eData's United States office is located in Beverly Hills, California. With their center of operations located in Makati, the heart of Manila, Philippine's business district.

When designing the Makati offices, eData required a network design that was scalable, efficient and would be supported by the Vendor’s for at least 5 years. Aspects that require study in a Network Design service include hardware selection, network authentication and security, backup, recover and storage, future expansion, and an implementation plan.

An efficient network starts with the design - Now more than ever, today’s businesses require reliable network connectivity and access to corporate resources.

Imaginet began the project by analyzing the business needs of eData and the environment in which they operate. Imaginet worked with eData by initially conducting a series of consultations in order to determine network issues, end user services, resources needed, budget guidelines, and a proper structure that answers network security, availability and scalability.

A Network Design document was composed for eData containing Imaginet’s detailed explanations and recommendations based on their business requirements and IT standards. Imaginet’s extensive local knowledge integrating international standards created a customized Network Design that best suited the requirements of eData.

Imaginet’s Network Design services produced a fully optimized layout for eData that provided the platform for 24/7 reliability & operability, network redundancy, security, and scalability. Additionally, Imaginet’s seamless implementation of the network design minimized disruptions to business operations.

Imaginet, one of the leading providers of Network Design services in the Philippines can provide your business with the same network efficiency, availability and performance. Imaginet creates an available and performance-driven solution that’s within budget guidelines and industry standards.

Making I.T. Work with Network Design
Network Design Services by Imaginet provides reliable network connectivity, performance and structured manageable systems.Imaginet International Inc. is the premier provider of IT Network and Security solutions and Managed Network, Hosting and Content Management Services in the Philippines. Imaginet has been designing, supplying, implementing & managing data, messaging and voice networks across the Philippines and ASEAN countries since 1998. Imaginet is a trusted partner of many International companies and brands, providing IT based infrastructure solutions.

Imaginet is the only T-Systems Delivery Partner in the Philippines. The best-of-breed of IT vendors and brands continues to work with Imaginet to provide the Philippine market and the rest of South East Asia with the best IT infrastructure and services.

As the country's leading provider of managed network, hosting, and content management services to local, regional, and multinational organizations, we are partnered with the most reliable and trusted brands in the IT business, ensuring your network security, availability, and continuous performance.

Our client base covers the Banking & Insurance, Call Center & BPO, Construction, Gaming & Entertainment, Mining & Mineral Exploration, and Power Generation & Distribution industries in the Philippines and across ASEAN countries.

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