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Exchange Hosting Services - Increase business productivity with cost effective and flexible communication tools and at the same time safeguard your business.

“Email is one of the integral communication tools of the organization. Imaginet’s Exchange Hosting service offers the right combination of options, price, security and above all, support.”

Increase business productivity with Exchange Hosting flexible communication tools provided by Imaginet in the PhilippinesAs an organization grows, common messaging solutions will not be able to keep up with the demands of a business and employee requirements when it comes to stability, capacity, performance and search with the existing environment.

Information sharing and efficient communication is vital to all businesses. Through a consolidated exchange hosting service, the ability to share contact lists, files, tasks and other protocols become faster and easier.

Imaginet’s Hosted Exchange services creates a mobile email and collaboration suite including email messaging, shared folders and calendars, contact lists and task lists. It also provides clients with the security and flexibility for the different requirements of employees and the company in general.

Through a hosted exchange server, collaboration and sharing is easier that ever before. Using Microsoft’s advanced architecture, Imaginet provides a hosted exchange service that accessible, reliable and able to grow as your company grows. Imaginet’s Hosted Exchange services also features mobility allowing easy access via a website, online or on a mobile device, no matter the location.

The new solutions provide a platform to facilitate creativity and collaboration which is critical to any company and its employees. Exchange Hosting’s unified messaging allows users to consolidate voicemail into the universal inbox along with email and other message types, enabling users to manage their business communications in one place

Exchange Hosting provides easy access to business critical information, while maximizing efficiency and simplifying the business communication whether you are small, medium, or large companies.

Clients typically outsource Exchange hosting for lowered costs and software management, maintenance and technical support. Imaginet’s Exchange Hosting service provides clients with the same advantages and features previously only available to large firms. Imaginet can scales a hosting package depending on the current needs of the company.

The availability of access to information and business-class messaging, is a immeasurable service that fosters high productivity for the employees of companies that utilize Hosted Exchange services.

Get the same level of quality services for your company.

Imaginet’s Exchange Hosting services gives your company the productivity of Microsoft’s unified communications technology without the cost and complication of an in-house server.

Making I.T. Work with Exchange Hosting services
Imaginet International Inc. is the premier provider of IT Network and Security solutions and Managed Network, Hosting and Content Management Services in the Philippines. Imaginet has been designing, supplying, implementing & managing data, messaging and voice networks across the Philippines and ASEAN countries since 1998. Imaginet is a trusted partner of many International companies and brands, providing IT based infrastructure solutions.

Imaginet is the only T-Systems Delivery Partner in the Philippines. The best-of-breed of IT vendors and brands continues to work with Imaginet to provide the Philippine market and the rest of South East Asia with the best IT infrastructure and services.

As the country's leading provider of managed network, hosting, and content management services to local, regional, and multinational organizations, we are partnered with the most reliable and trusted brands in the IT business, ensuring your network security, availability, and continuous performance.

Our client base covers the Banking & Insurance, Call Center & BPO, Construction, Gaming & Entertainment, Mining & Mineral Exploration, and Power Generation & Distribution industries in the Philippines and across ASEAN countries.

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