Network Audit Case Study

Network Audit Services - verify, assess and evaluate fixed I.T. assets essential for network documentation and PCI-DSS, FDCC, SOX, HIPAA and GLBA audit compliance.

“Through Imaginet’s Network Audit services, our organization was able to ascertain full and complete details of every I.T. asset that the organization is using. We are pleased with the Network Audit because we were also able to identify areas where performance can still be improved or upgraded.”

Network Audit Services verifies, asses and evaluate fixed IT assets for PCI-DSS. FDCC, HIPPA and GLBA audit compliance.Enterprise networks require consistent maintenance and management to ensure reliable service delivery and adherence to end user service level agreements (SLAs). By conducting a network audit, clients can verify that all provisionable parameters are documented and all hardware and software versions are accounted for and up to date.

A network health audit is a requirement of a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, to enhance overall network performance, or to verify current conditions prior to an expansion project or before introducing new equipment or services. It is essential for network documentation and PCI-DSS, FDCC, SOX, HIPAA and GLBA audit compliance.

Imaginet begins an I.T. network audit for clients by conducting consultations. Imaginet interviews the IT department end user primary contact to gain an understanding of the setup of the network, servers and LAN.

This enabled Imaginet to build a network diagram and begin identifying all the fixed I.T. assets, the vendors used for the I.T. infrastructure, their locations, and their users. This initial step was to determine the actual technical setup and compare it to best practice, the client’s existing documents, policies and Imaginet’s local knowledge and experience.

After an assessment of the network layout and a physical inventory of I.T. assets, Imaginet documents network configurations of routers, firewalls, web servers, database servers, and domain controllers. This process also includes documentation of software license usage.

Imaginet utilizes network auditing procedures to evaluate network assets, compare it to industry benchmarks, and recommend solutions for network efficiency, availability and security

Imaginet’s network audit services enables clients to understand how their network is performing and compare it to their own stated SLA’s.

It also identifies weak links or point of failures in the network, and discovers & analyzes network and device performance.

Upon completion Imaginet delivers a report with detailed audit findings and recommendations for improving network health and performance.

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Imaginet offers solutions that cover I.T. asset inventory, network and software documentation, network performance assessment and recommendations as a full Network Audit services package for clients.

Making I.T. Work with Network Audit services
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