Oasis Park Hotel Online Marketing Case Study

The Oasis Park Hotel website increased its overall visibility, market reach, website traffic and lead generation as a direct result from Imaginet’s Internet Marketing plan.

“Imaginet provided us with a much needed visibility boost when it comes to the online market. Through the complete internet marketing plan, Oasis Park Hotel has a website that’s functional, informative and easy to use” says

Oasis Park Hotel increased online visibility, market reach, website traffic and lead generation with Imaginet’s Online Marketing services.The Oasis Park Hotel is a budget friendly, business and tourist hotel in the heart of Manila, Philippines. With over 20 years of personalized service and affordable room rates, the hotel has become an acclaimed standard for business economy hotels.

The Oasis Park Hotel manages and accepts hotel room bookings and reservations via telephone, email, and online forms from the website. The hotel does not make use of booking agents, but stays competitive because of their unique attention to guests that provide excellent feedback.

In the 24/7/365 hotel environment, Oasis Park staff need various communication solutions to deliver exceptional customer service. As the industry becomes even more competitive, the hotel has been looking at different means to increase lead generation and hotel bookings.

Oasis Park Hotel engaged Imaginet to help develop the company’s website and launch a strategic online marketing program that would increase visitors as well as booking inquiries.Imaginet produced the original site for Oasis Park Hotel. However, with the changes to the hotel and realizing the importance to the way potential guests use the in the internet, a website redesign was implemented.

To enable Imaginet to both redesign and reposition the site, an in-depth study of Oasis Park’s marketing strategies and target audience was carried out. Using this as a base, Imaginet completed a comprehensive competition and website positioning analysis that formed the foundation of a complete internet marketing plan.

In a complete internet marketing plan, a website redesign and content development is always accompanied by various marketing tasks that make sure the website is visible to Oasis Park’s audience.

A complete redesign of the hotel’s website presented a more modern and updated appearance and interaction with online visitors.

Imaginet also conducted content research and development to refresh and expand the existing information that the website previously offers to the audience. Content development included gathering new information on topics related to Oasis Park Hotel which included hotel events, location information, and hotel packages.

Search Engine Optimization was part of every step in the website redesign and content development process. Imaginet ensured that the Oasis Park website would be rich information but also relevant to key words and phrases used by online visitors when searching for “hotels in Manila” on various search engines (eg. Google, Bing, etc).

Oasis Park’s marketing support services also includes press releases, email campaigns and newsletters, forum interactions, link building, and social media. Imaginet’s selection of online marketing support services is being utilized to increase Oasis Park’s online market reach and enhance search engine rankings.

As of today, the Oasis Park Hotel website is ranking in the first page of major search engines for keywords related to the positioning and service offering of the hotel. Content has also diversified and increased meaning the people who find the website are not just the ones who know of Oasis Park Hotel already.

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