Sagittarius Mines Inc. Network Monitoring Case Study

Sagittarius Mines Inc, the Philippines operating partner of Xstrata Global selected Imaginet’s proactive Server Monitoring & Patch Management service to increase network availability and allow in house IT to focus on their core User Support services.

“Imaginet’s Network Monitoring service was perfect for SMI’s requirements allowing in house ICT resources to manage our day to day user requirements and network services, which is integral to the long term planning for SMI”

Sagittarius Mines Inc receives proactive server monitoring and patch management service provided by Imaginet in the PhilippinesSagittarius Mines, Inc. (SMI) is the Philippine Government’s contractor for the exploration, development and operation of the Tampakan Copper-Gold Project. With a $5.7 billion investment, the Tampakan project is the largest copper-gold project in the Philippines. SMI is a Filipino company represented by its stakeholders Xstrata Copper, Indophil Resources NL, Alsons Corporation and the Tampakan Group of Companies.

To prevent business production losses caused by network down time, poor network configurations, device failures, process updates, and exceeding the network threshold, SMI requires a continuous monitoring solution for their network. Any unscheduled network down time will lead to delay in operations and lost man hours, which in turn creates inefficiency and profit loss.

Constant Network Uptime is a standard in today’s business process and an invaluable facet in connecting the Mining Industry, from its headquarters to remote mining offices.

Imaginet collaborates with SMI’s IT team to ensure that their network’s uptime for the Tampakan Project meets or exceeds the network availability requirements. Initially, SMI required support for their multiple distributed sites and servers. To address monitoring & managing all aspects of their network, SMI outsourced the network monitoring activities to Imaginet.

Imaginet provides SMI with a proactive approach when it comes to monitoring network performance. Through pre-agreed threshold conditions, Imaginet makes certain that SMI receives continuous network operation, identify future issues and can take corrective action automatically in scheduled updates rather than knee-jerk reactions.

SMI received weekly and monthly reports on their network’s performance, availability details and any other information or occurrences. Imaginet’s reports are customized and structured based on the standards and requirements of SMI. Notifications are also sent via email or SMS to nominated personnel depending on date, time or severity.

Since SMI contracted Imaginet in 2008, the company has not experienced unscheduled network downtime that has breached the agreed SLA. As a mark of the success of this service, SMI has renewed their Network Monitoring service agreement once again with Imaginet till 2011.

Get the same level of service for your Network Monitoring needs. Imaginet’s Network Monitoring services cover file, email and database servers & storage, plus and all associated network services by running over 40 checks per selected device. In addition, Imaginet monitors network traffic, bandwidth, server load, and availability with real-time alerts and monthly reporting.

Making I.T. Work with Network Monitoring
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