Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing Case Study

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Service - complete and controlled security review for web, IP, and applications both onsite and online.

“Ethical hacking was the next step in order for our organization to ensure the security of all our clients’ information and our corporate data. Imaginet’s Penetration testing allowed us to see the efficiency of our security through the eyes of an attacker without having to risk our safety.”

Complete and Controlled security review for web, IP addresses and application both onsite and online with Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing service provided by ImaginetThe risks associated with unauthorized access vary from financial loss, inappropriate release of personal, commercial or politically sensitive information, and reputation lost; to total loss of system control. The specific information system risk of unauthorized access to information resources includes loss of system availability, data and processing integrity, and information confidentiality.

The purpose of external penetration testing and vulnerability assessment is to compromise the target network. The methodology needed to perform this test allows for a systematic checking for known vulnerabilities and pursuit of potential security risks.

Imaginet’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA/Pentest) procedures are based on industry best practices, manual and automated techniques, and hundreds of appropriate tools.

In a continuously changing network environment that relies on software and services from multiple third-party vendors, and that must be able to interact seamlessly, vulnerability management and remediation is very time-consuming. Systems must be secured in a timely manner without impacting performance of availability.

Imaginet has partnered with the leader in internet security, Pure Hacking to provide External Penetration Testing, Application Security Assessment, On-Site Security Assessment and Proactive Penetration Testing in the Philippines.

Imaginet makes use of a systematic process that includes information gathering, network enumeration, vulnerability analysis, exploitation, with results analysis and reporting.

Imaginet begins a VA/Pentest review with a formal threat assessment for the client to ascertain the likelihood of any threats to the organization resulting from, among other reasons, hardware and/or software failures, internal employee compromise or data theft, or outside attacks. The focus of the tests was to identify host as well as application security concerns.

A VA/Pentest includes an external penetration test or an Infrastructure Penetration Test that focuses on server and router penetration testing, and operating system installation and maintenance. In addition, an application security assessment analyzes the critical components of a web-based portal, e-commerce application, or Web platform. After the external penetration test, an internal on-site testing addresses issue from within the WAN at each logical management zone, physical segment or simple attached to the DMZ.

Once the assessment is complete, Imaginet along with the client, reviews the results and discusses solutions for any security issues seen during the tests. A complete report is then provided for outlining a plan of action and allowing further feedback.

A Proactive Penetration testing is the next step after a vulnerability assessment. The continuous assessment of a proactive penetration testing ensures the client’s internet security from future attacks and threats. This includes automated tools, and manual assessments of the client’s systems.

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Imaginet provides infrastructure penetration testing, application security assessment, on-site security assessment, and proactive penetration testing, with full reporting and recommendations

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