Website Hosting Case Study

A top Philippine-based International Bank received high availability and manageability based on pre agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Imaginet’s Website and FTP Hosting services.

With Imaginet’s Website and FTP Hosting services, and a guarantee up to 99.97% uptime for full control over servers, operating systems and hardware, without capital outlay or Data Center Facilities Monitoring.

High Availability and manageability based on pre agreed Service Level Agreement with Imaginet’s Website and FTP Hosting services.Banks and Insurance companies make use of their web presence to ensure that their customers have access to their account details, bank service offering descriptions, and other information. Other features include fund transfers, online bill payment, and reviewing transactions.

Every bank or insurance company needs a reliable website hosting provider that can keep your website online and scalable. In truth, a good design and well written content is worthless if no one can see your website because of numerous downtimes.

As it is in the case of the Finance industry, banks can make use of several websites to serve their international markets. Website hosting is crucial as banks provide continuous online service through their websites.

One of the top banks in the Philippines avails of Imaginet’s website hosting services. Imaginet ensures the banks websites get up to 99.97% uptime based on pre-agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA). With demanding requirements that cover high availability, user interface redundancy, clustered servers and load balancing/failovers for its 14 websites.

Using dedicated servers used exclusively for the international bank, Imaginet adjust and configure hosting packages as the company grows and requirements change. Imaginet’s 100% certified web team ensures all clients the industry leading website and FTP hosting services and support for websites, database, ecommerce and online security.

Complete Website and FTP hosting services include backup, data recovery, and support services supplied by Imaginet’s 100% certified web team.

Website hosting packages typically cover a 1 year contract. For clients requiring their own dedicated servers, Imaginet makes use of a primary server, on which the main site of the client (eg. is hosted, as well as sites on subdomains (eg. with sites developed by third party providers.

A secondary server is also set up for the client on which a mirror site of the main site is hosted. Imaginet also prepares a database server, which refers to the server on which the MySQL Database that runs behind the main site’ content management system is hosted. In addition, Imaginet provides load balancing services that manage and balance the traffic from the primary server to the secondary server. These ensure that the client’s website is guaranteed to be online 24/7/365.

Imaginet’s dedicated server website hosting package features the following services for this client:

  • Clustered Web Servers
  • Load Balancing and Failover
  • 24/7/365 technical support by phone, chat or email
  • 24/7/365 response to automatic paging notification when the dedicated server is down (ping monitoring)
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Operating system software, application server software, and database server software maintenance
  • Monitoring CPU, disk and memory usage
  • Data backup of all content on the server, performed daily with a minimum of seven (7) days retention
  • Custom firewall rules


Making I.T. Work with Website Hosting services
Imaginet International Inc. is the premier provider of IT Network and Security solutions and Managed Network, Hosting and Content Management Services in the Philippines. Imaginet has been designing, supplying, implementing & managing data, messaging and voice networks across the Philippines and ASEAN countries since 1998. Imaginet is a trusted partner of many International companies and brands, providing IT based infrastructure solutions.

Imaginet is the only T-Systems Delivery Partner in the Philippines. The best-of-breed of IT vendors and brands continues to work with Imaginet to provide the Philippine market and the rest of South East Asia with the best IT infrastructure and services.

As the country's leading provider of managed network, hosting, and content management services to local, regional, and multinational organizations, we are partnered with the most reliable and trusted brands in the IT business, ensuring your network security, availability, and continuous performance.

Our client base covers the Banking & Insurance, Call Center & BPO, Construction, Gaming & Entertainment, Mining & Mineral Exploration, and Power Generation & Distribution industries in the Philippines and across ASEAN countries.

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