Cisco Integrated Services Routers and Interface Cards

Imaginet, a Cisco Select Certified Partner in the Philippines offers market leading Cisco Routers and Interface Cards WIC, HWIC, VWIC, ex stock or 5 days in the Philippines.

Cisco offers the industry’s broadest and most versatile portfolio of secure, high-performance Integrated Services Routers that help you build a resilient foundation for business success. Cisco routers use an integrated systems approach to reduce operating costs and complexity and deliver exceptional performance and investment protection. Cisco Routers provide support for IPv4-to-IPv6 Multicast.

Routers for medium-sized businesses, enterprise branches, head offices, and the service provider edge

Routers and LAN switches have become the foundation for all business communications €”not just data, but also security, voice, video, and wireless access. Cisco routing solutions take a systems-level approach by embedding security into the network and integrating business-critical services across all products to help you boost productivity, meet customer needs, and reduce operating costs.

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Integrated Services Routers for Small and Medium-Sized Offices

Cisco 1800 Integrated Services Routers for small and medium sized offices offered by Imaginet - Cisco Select Partner in the PhilippinesThe award-winning Cisco 1800 series Integrated Services routers are optimizes for the secure delivery of data services ideal for small to medium size business routing solutions. They also help businesses reduce costs by enabling deployment of a single device to provide multiple services (integrated router with redundant link, LAN switch, firewall, VPN, IPS, wireless technology, and quality of service [QoS]) typically performed by separate devices.

Integrated Services Routers for branch offices

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The Cisco 2900 series integrated service routers are industry-leading platforms that offer unprecedented levels of service integration. Designed to meet the requirements of the branch office, these platforms provide significantly enhanced modular capabilities. Examples of these modules include WAN interface cards (WICs), voice interface cards (VICs), voice/WAN interface cards (VWICs), high-speed WAN interface cards (HWICs.), packet voice data modules (PVDMs), network modules enhanced (NME), advanced integration modules (AIMs), and extension voice modules (EVMs).

Deliver Integrated Service to Branch Offices and Small and Medium Businesses

Cisco 3800 Integrated Services Routers  for enterprise branch offices and medium to large size businesses offered by Imaginet - Cisco Select Partner in the Philippines

The award-winning Cisco 3800 series integrated service routers also offer a range of platforms in which you can install a variety of modules including WICs, VICs, VWICs, HWICs, PVDMs, AIMs, EVMs, and network modules enhanced. Ideal for medium-sized to large businesses and enterprise branch offices, the Cisco 3800 series routers enable you to simplify deployment and management, lower the costs and complexities of your network, and support mission-critical business applications, by providing a highly secure platform with concurrent T3/E3 wire-speed delivery of data, security, voice, video and wireless.

Improve data security with Cisco Routers Cisco integrated services routers add security to your wide area network (WAN) and can be configured with features such as built-in firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, Authentication technologies such as Network Admission Control (NAC), encryption, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) providing encryption via the Internet.