Imaginet Partners

Imaginet International Inc. is a leading IT systems integrator and managed network, hosting and content security services provider in the Philippines that not only provides system integration and networking, but complete IT based business solutions from the ground up. For years, we have worked with our partners in various industries such as Mining, Construction, Information Technology, Finance, Logistics and Security.

Our partners provide complimentary services to Imaginet’s clients. Being the best in their field, our partners offer top quality products and services that create innovative solutions for their clients. It is through their support that Imaginet is able to provide complete IT based business solutions that match each and every one of our client’s requirements.

Global leader in the development of credit and risk management services Global Credit Solutions (GCS) is one of the world's largest credit management specialists. With more than 3,000 people, employed in over 70 countries, GCS has the resources to ensure that you are protected from risk wherever you might be trading. GCS is dedicated to being the Global leader in the development and provision of Credit Management & Risk Management Services.
Geological, Exploration, and Drilling supplies, equipment, accessories, tools for mining industry in the Philippines offered by GXD Supply GXD (Geological, Exploration & Drilling) Mining Supply is a provider of top-quality equipment, supplies and accessories for the Mining and Exploration industry.
Flooring HPS and supplier in the Philippines for commercial and industrial flooring systems in the Philippines by High Performance Solutions - HPS HPS (High Performance Solutions) is the leading supplier and installer of commercial and industrial flooring systems in the Philippines. HPS maintains a team of highly skilled, technically astute flooring consultants and experts that are at the leading edge of the international flooring solutions industry.
Integrity Initiative Integrity Initiative In the absence of an accepted system of identifying ethical companies in the Philippines, the Integrity Initiative offers an online assessment on integrity practices. This tool, available to signatory-companies, would indicate the number and effectiveness of integrity control measures that companies have in place. It gives companies an idea on where they are (in terms of integrity practices) relative to other companies in their industry, location, or of their size. More importantly, the assessment tool provides areas for improvement to strengthen the company’s overall integrity practices.
Project Management and Construction Management in the Philippines provided by JCL International JCL International is a leading Project and Construction Management company in the Philippines with projects in the Phiippines, South East Asia, Dubai and the Middle East. JCL International utilizes its wide ranging experience of over 420,000 square meters in completed projects to efficiently and effectively manage critical parameters such as time, budget and to the highest quality standards.
Lifetech Industries | Imaginet Partner Lifetech Industries mission is to provide individuals their inherent right to have access to fresh, clean drinking water while being environmentally and socially responsible. Lifetech Industries main business is to globally distribute and sub-license our revolutionary, atmospheric water generator – AirWell Water Systems. The Air Well method (AWS) uses an advance triple step gathering system, and 12-step purification process to produce water from air that is free of chemicals, pollutants, contaminants and hormones.
Management and Consultancy services in the Philippines by Logistics and Marketing Philippines 0 LOMAR LOMAR (Logistics and Marketing Philippines Inc.) was established in 1978 primarily to provide management and consultancy services for foreign and local companies doing business or intending to do business in the Philippines. LOMAR also provides companies with specialized industrial and mechanical services to the oil and gas, petroleum refineries, chemical, mining, and cement utilities.
Pacific Strategies & Assessments (PSA

Pacific Strategies and Assessments, Phils. Inc. (The Organization) Pacific Strategies& Assessments (PSA) is a leading business risk consultancy, providing security consulting, crisis management, business intelligence, investigations, and background screening services.

PSA specializes in Asian risk, with offices in Manila, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok and Milwaukee . Our staff has extensive experience in the region, with professional backgrounds in government intelligence, military special operations and corporate security, as well as journalism, marketing, and management consulting.

Systems Integrator and applications developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS and document imaging in the Philippines provided by Paperless Trail Inc - PTI PTI (Paperless Trail Inc) is a Philippines based systems integrator and application developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications and document imaging. The company has created Location Intelligence solutions for multiple industries including FMCG, healthcare, franchising, banking and finance.
Sovereign start develops Gaming Facilities, VIP gaming parlors, internet gaming, hotels and resort with a focus on the gaming industry tourism in the South East Asia Sovereign Star International, Ltd. (SSI) is a Hong Kong based company, created to purchase, develop and operate gaming facilities throughout South East Asia initially focusing on the Philippines and subsequently expanding to Cambodia and Vietnam. The facilities will include hotels and resorts with an emphasis on the gaming industry tourism. Gaming areas include but are not restricted to unrestricted gaming venues (casinos), VIP gaming parlors and all aspects internet gaming.
Information and Communication Technology ICT for the networked future of business by T-Systems - Imaginet is a T-Systems Delivery Partner for the Philippines

Drawing on a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. T-Systems provides integrated solutions for the networked future of business and society. Imaginet is a T-Systems Delivery Partner for the Philippines.

Lighthouse Club (LHC) Manila Branch The Lighthouse Club (LHC) Manila branch is a non-government organization that was founded in 1997. The Lighthouse Club (LHC) Manila Branch has been successfully involved with numerous and some quite remarkable, charitable causes. The principal aim has been to foster good fellowship, camaraderie and cooperation amongst members and be considerate to the less fortunate in Manila and the wider Philippines. To raise funds for its charitable objectives LHC Manila organizes monthly events and a prestigious annual Charity Ball in the autumn.
Innovative marketing support including online marketing, SEO, website development for small to medium business in the Philippines offered by The Northern Office - TNO TNO (The Northern Office) is a sales and marketing consultancy firm specializing in innovative marketing support for small to medium enterprises (SME). The Northern Office makes use of creative, original and effective marketing plans and activities that suit each and every client depending on their industry, offering and requirements. Specializing in Online Marketing, TNO provides innovative and profitable marketing solutions for all clients.
Full service IT solutions provider in the Philippines from the members of Quadra Alliance - Imaginet International Inc, Paperless Trail Inc, and The Northern Office The Quadra Alliance is a full service IT solutions provider that’s composed of three established Philippine companies that excel in their chosen fields and expertise namely: Imaginet International Inc, Paperless Trail Inc, and The Northern Office. Quadra Alliance offers extensive IT based services that ensure efficient and adaptable solutions to today’s business challenges.