Electrodata Recorders Pty Ltd.

Electrodata manufactures call recording and voice logging recorders designed to capture telephone calls, mobile and two-way radio conversations for issue management and emergencies. Their products are in numerous sites around the globe and are known for their functionality, reliability and value for money.

Electrodata products are building a significant presence in the aviation control, airports, emergency services and general transport sectors where their accuracy and reliability are seen as invaluable tools for operational monitoring.

Imaginet is now the exclusive provider of Electrodata Voice Recording Solutions in the Philippines

Many of the Australian Emergency Services Agencies use their technology to deliver services which are considered amongst the best in the world and which can be ‘mission critical’ in their response and review of the services they provide and the incidents they face. Electrodata equipment has a broad range of applications across similar sectors such as Airports, Aviation Control Networks and other transportation oriented industries where the accurate capture of voice traffic is required.

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Recording telephone, mobile or radio conversations is achievable with the appropriate Electrodata solution. Download or plug in an Electrodata recorder and experience the reassurance of being able to recall information on who called, when, why and even how they called in.

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Electrodata have an extensive range of solutions each designed to address specific needs and requirements in this specialist area including:

For voice recording in a mission critical world
Advantage: High end voice logging and quality assurance recording.
Assurance: Affordable voice logging and quality assurance recording.

For multi-site, multi-input distributed voice recording
eXperience: distributed call logging, screen capturing, quality assurance recording software.

For the latest single desk recording solution
Quiklog Plus/Quiklog Lite: The Very Latest Instant Recall Recorder

Plus a full range of Productivity Tools to enhance the recording capabilities of the Electrodata equipment across all your operations.

Imaginet is now the exclusive provider of Electrodata Voice Recording Solutions in the Philippines.