Getac - Z710 Rugged Tablet


Compact and powerful, the new Android-powered Getac Z710 rugged tablet allows you the flexibility to work in nearly any environment. Perfect for data collection, data entry, PDF viewing, GPS tracking and much more, the Z710 has you covered.

Z710 Compact


Built to house a brilliant 7'' display, the Z710 is small enough to hold with just one hand yet big enough to help you get your job done.

Android OS

Apps have changed the way we access and enter data remotely. Android OS makes it easy to build a custom app or use one of the many apps that can help you get your job done quickly. And, with Android 4.1 OS, you can access the Google Play store for quick download of popular apps.


Built to Survive™

The Z710 was designed from the inside out to be sleek, thin and tough. Only Getac manufactures rugged tablets down to the chassis. The Z710 is specifically engineered to be protected against drops, shocks, spills, vibration and more. The Getac Z710 is ready for whatever you can put it through.

Tempered Glass

The Z710 uses special damage-resistant Tempered glass. Tempered Glass is both tough and scratch resistant to withstand the abuses of working in extreme conditions.


To increase the screen durability and providing greater sunlight readability, the Z710 features LumiBond® optical bonding. LumiBond® adheres the cover glass, touch panel and display together into one solid unit eliminating extra edges that can reflect sunlight and creating a single durable display.

Extreme Temps

Being able to work in any environment is critical, even freezing cold conditions. The Z710 rugged tablet can be operated in temperatures from -20°C to 50°C.

Six Foot Drop

The Z710 is the first rugged Android tablet to be certified to a MIL-STD-810G six foot drop rating. Combine that with the IP65 dust and water protection and the Z710 is one of the most rugged Android tablets ever built.


Glove-Friendly Touchscreen Display

We developed the Z710 using ultra-sensitive multi-touch technology to make the screen respond effortlessly to touch, press, drag and even input from a gloved hand.


Sunlight Readable

Our proprietary LumiBond® technology reduces the layers that can reflect sunlight. Combined with an anti-reflective coating on the surface glass, the Z710 is designed to produce extremely high contrast delivering excellent visibility even in direct sunlight.


Designed to Capture

The Z710 is the ultimate device for capturing data.



Barcode Scanning.

The integrated barcode reader can capture both 1D and 2D barcodes nine inches away at up to 3x faster speeds surpassing standard software-based scanners in both speed and accuracy.

RFID Reader.

A high-frequency RFID reader scans electronic data from tags and can capture positioning data in addition to tracking purposes.


Dual Cameras.

Front and rear-facing cameras can capture images or video from the field.


Fast and Accurate GPS.

The Lattice SiRFstarIV™ GPS chipset provides twice the search capacity of earlier chips for faster location and improved accuracy down to 2.5 meters. Combined with an E-compass and 3-axis accelerometer, the Z710 is the perfect device for anyone using GPS data in the field.


Comprehensively Connected

Delivering 3.5G WWAN with both data and voice capabilities, WiFi, bluetooth 2.1 Class 2, as well as antenna pass-through for in-vehicle use; providing faster and more reliable speeds for better data delivery in real time.You can be connected 24/7 wherever you are, allowing you to improve your productivity.



Getac and Becrypt have come together to bring you the Z710 Titan, a vital upgrade if you work with sensitive data. This RUGGED, MOBILE and SECURE version of the popular 7” tablet, provides embedded device encryption, multiple persona management, application control and peripheral control.

Becrypt Titan Encryption

FIPS 140-2


The system, secured by default with Becrypt Titan encryption, supports a wide range of bespoke applications that government, military and defence markets can use with confidence.


In-Vehicle Ready

Getac V100

Mounting a Z710 in a vehicle for mobile field professionals has never been easier. We've designed an ideal docking solution for you. The Z710 docks are compact to maximize the space inside the vehicle. By connecting the antennas, peripherals and power to the docking station, you can quickly dock the computer in and out while enjoying fast connectivity as needed during your shift.


ATEX Certified

The Z710 is the world’s first fully rugged Android tablet to offer the option for ATEX Zone 2/22 certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres1. Insulating mechanical material and exceptional circuit designs are applied to ensure the Z710 is ignition-proof and instrinsically safe.

1.) ATEX certification required must be specified at time of purchase.