Imaginet’s Integrated Solutions to HA/DR Missions

Natural calamities and disasters are not only detrimental on the global economy but also brings great impact to low-income families who live on multi-hazard zones or disaster “hotspots” where help is very limited.

Lack of disaster monitoring tools, poor communication channels and inefficient deployment of responders and resources are just few of the reasons that can lead to inadequate response during the emergency phase.


The Disaster Management Cycle

Disaster and risk management cycle begins with the impact of the disaster and mobilizing First Responders on a local level, and preparing to receive additional support from National or International Response teams.

The immediate physical impact of a disaster will include deaths and injuries along with infrastructure damage within the affected community. Social impact includes psycho-social, demographic and economic effects of the disaster and are often more difficult to assess than the physical impacts and will need to be addressed in the Emergency & Recovery Phases.

After the initial impact of the disaster has been quantified and first response mobilised, the transition stage, which involves emergency and recovery measures, is implemented. During this Recovery Phase, there is still a risk of incremental loss of life from disease outbreaks requiring real time location based data gathering and assessment.

This diagram emphasis the equal importance of prevention and response in order to continually improve Emergency & Recovery activities to reduce or mitigate risk in future events using FIST’s analytics post Recovery.


SiRRAN’s Emergency Communication Network

SiRRAN EXPLORER Mobile Net technology delivers a fully operational “Network in a Box” which delivers Emergency & HA/DR with 2G/3G communications within 7 MINUTES.

SiRRAN Mobile Net offers full network service in order to keep the communication lines open between responders and calamity victims.

Imaginet supports the local First Response teams with immediate deployment to the Disaster area, assisting the on the ground teams in the Emergency and initial Recovery phases should they be overwhelmed or underresourced due to injury or loss of life within those critical teams.

Now we have a network - we need DATA. How do we GATHER, ASSESS and RESPOND?

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FIST Data Gathering and Analytics Software

After SiRRAN Mobile Net has provided the communication network required in order to gather information, FIST (Field Information System Technology) collects and analyze the data available in order to provide actionable information to First Responders and Recovery teams.

FIST is designed to manage multi-sharing of data through the most accessible devices available like standard smartphones and Android devices.

FIST is also easy to set up and operate without the need for any special hardware. As a way to get users fully equipped with the system, we always provide training for the FIST data gathering and deployment on the ground with experienced subject matter experts with Military and FEMA experience.

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The APSS Group

The Asia Pacific Strategies & Solutions (APSS) Group provides extensive range of customized services to businesses, organizations and government entities including risk assessments; strategy development and implementation; crisis prevention, management and response.

With disaster relief management as one of their core services, APSS Group provides the training required for First Responders and the integration of national or International Relief teams when they enter a Disaster Zone in the use of the SiRRAN network and FIST Gather & Analyze applications.

Imaginet, Kestrel and APSS run Annual table top & field based scenarios & exercises to help the local teams improve their First Response SOP’s and prepare for the next event with better information, procedures and confidence in their ability to plan, predict and respond.

With the advanced and integrated technology that SiRRAN and FIST can offer together with the disaster risk management expertise of APSS Group, rescue and recovery operations can be efficiently executed leading to reduced loss of life after Initial Impact and manage the Recovery and Restoration phases for infrastructure repair and rehabilitation within the affected area.




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