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Outsourced email hosting and management services in the Philippines

Email is now the standard means of communication for businesses. However, free mail services lacks credibility in a professional setting needed by a company. Imaginets Email hosting service provides excellent email support for small to mid size businesses who wish to outsource the hosting and management of their email services. Imaginet provides scalable solutions from 10 users upwards with Outlook based clients with spam and antivirus protection and secure Web access.

Ideal for professionals, and businesses, Imaginets email hosting services provides an effective email solution with features including webmail, POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols, spam filtering, and virus protection.

Why is Hosted Emails better than Free webmails?
Premium email hosting services form email management needs from Imaginet International Inc.  


Despite the popularity of many free web-based email services like Gmail or Hotmail, they are not suitable for business and corporate needs. Credibility is also key - would you deal with a businessman with an email, or would you prefer an email like It also lacks the necessary security, reliability and support that Imaginets email hosting service can provide. Free emails also do not have backup and recovery features that are critical for any business. Free mails are only accessible via the email service providers website with limited email storage space and functionality - if they are down, so is your business.

Imaginet offers premium email hosting services that solve your email management and archiving needs, enabling you to address legal and storage management concerns with minimal effort. We assure you that your install time is quick and trouble-free, and as your needs expand, our services scale and upgrade effortlessly to meet your increased growth.