IBM BladeCenter Blade Servers, Chassis, Interconnects and Expansion Blades

IBM BladeCenter simplifies by bringing together your network and storage switching into a single enclosure, and then ties it all together with unified, powerful solution management tools. The result is an effectively managed infrastructure that helps maximize resource productivity and minimize IT and network administration costs. BladeCenter gives control back to the IT or network manager.

Simplify your infrastructure even as you grow

The IBM BladeCenter is a flexible, energy efficient platform for clients who want to deploy multiple operating environments, including Windows, UNIX, i and Linux solutions in a single chassis. Flexible IBM BladeCenter chassis deployment options enable you to consolidate servers into the right chassis to reduce space requirements and energy costs. Choose either the BladeCenter H with data center scalability or the BladeCenter S for an office environment.

Intel processor-based BladeCenter blade servers

Flexible support with workloads, virtualization and enterprise applications with IBM BladeCenter blade servers with support for Intel Xeon processors offered by Imaginet - IBM Business Partner in the Philippines IBM System xSeries servers are designed to help you reduce IT costs, keep critical applications running, productivity, and ease of use. IBM servers are known for offering best in class reliability and flexibility, and with the latest IBM Blade servers improve service with unparalleled RAS features and innovative management that reduces cost through increased performance, utilization and efficiency. The IBM BladeCenter offers flexible options to support a broad range of workloads, including virtualization and enterprise applications. Get outstanding performance with support for the latest Intel Xeon processors, high-speed I/O, and support for high memory capacity and fast memory throughput.


AMD processor-based BladeCenter blade servers

High performance for memory-intensive applications for 2 or 4 socket workloads with IBM BladeCenter blade servers with support form AMD Opteron six-core processors offered b y Imaginet - IBM Business Partner in the Philippines IBM Blade servers deliver high performance for memory-intensive applications. Get the ultimate scalable solution for both 2- and 4-socket workloads. Easy to manage, IBM blade servers are designed and priced to meet the needs of mid-sized businesses and supports run demanding, high performance workloads rapidly with the latest AMD Opteron six-core processors.




Chassis for data centers, stores or remote sites and non-traditional environments

The IBM BladeCenter chassis helps form your IT foundation and can be tailored to the different types of applications, environments and performance requirements you have in your business. With IBM BladeCenter, blade servers and switch modules can be seamlessly moved between chassis, giving you incredibly flexible, mix-and-match deployment choices. View and compare BladeCenter S, E, H, T, and HT chassis models to meet your needs.

IBM BladeCenter S IBM BladeCenter H IBM BladeCenter E
Blade server chassis that integrates servers, SAN storage, networking, I/O, and applications in to a single chassis with IBM BladeCenter S offered by Imaginet - IBM Business Partner in the Philippines
All-in-one chassis with integrated, high-performance SAN ideal for small offices and remote branch environments.
Blade Server Chassis with high performance, energy efficiency and versatility for large data centers with IBM BladeCenter H offered by Imaginet - IBM Business Partner in the Philippines
High performance and high density chassis ideal for even the most demanding applications in larger data centers.
Blade server chassis that maximizes productivity and minimizes power usage with IBM BladeCenter E offered by Imaginet - IBM Business Partner in the Philippines
Energy-efficient, high density chassis and easy management tools ideal for space and power constrained data centers.
IBM BladeCenter T IBM BladeCenter HT  
Blade server chassis help lower total cost of ownership and increase new revenue opportunities for telecommunications and service providers with IBM BladeCenter T offered by Imaginet - IBM Business partner in the Philippines
Ruggedized NEBS-3/ETSI-compliant chassis ideal for harsh environments and running applications under the most demanding conditions.
the ultimate combination of high performance, and durability blade server chassis in telco, military, medical, government and industrial deployments with BladeCenter HT offered by Imaginet - IBM Business Partner in the Philippines
Ruggedized NEBS-3/ETSI-compliant chassis ideal for next-generation, high-performance applications.

Imaginet is an IBM Business Partner in the Philippines for IBM BladeCenter blade servers and server chassis.