Iomega Network-Attached Storage (NAS) System

Iomega Network-Attached Storage (NAS) server stores files and make them available to authorized network users. Iomega NAS devices offer a number of benefits over alternative storage methods. Clients can directly access the storage device, independent of a specific network or application server, thereby enhancing overall network performance, while improving storage accessibility. Iomega has revolutionized Network-Attached Storage (NAS) to help clients maximize savings and improve data protection. NAS servers offer world-class features that store, manage, and protect your valuable files at an affordable price.

Powerful, affordable network attached storage supporting PC MAC and Linux clients

The Iomega StorCenter Network Attached Storage Server offers easy-to-use, powerful and affordable network storage for any workgroup, department and small- to medium-sized business. Powered by enterprise-class EMCθ LifeLine™ software, the StorCenter NAS server is available in configurations that can be expanded up to 24TB in a single array. Robust connectivity allows simultaneous multi-protocol file and iSCSI block-level access.
StorCenter ix2-200
StorCenter ix4-200d
StorCenter Pro ix4-200r
StorCenter ix12-300r

The Iomegaθ StorCenter™ ix2-200 Network Storage offers content sharing with advanced media features and data protection in an easy-to-use product ideal for small/remote offices, workgroups and power home users.

The Iomegaθ StorCenter™ ix4-200d NAS Server offers content sharing with advanced security and data protection in an easy-to-use product ideal for small offices, remote or distributed businesses or power-user home networks.

The Iomegaθ StorCenter™ Pro ix4-200r is the ideal NAS rackmount server for small to medium businesses and remote offices. The StorCenter Pro ix4-200r offers easy file sharing, iSCSI block-level access, fast data throughput, and advanced data protection features.

The Iomegaθ StorCenter™ ix12-300r Network Storage Array offers easy-to-use, powerful and affordable network storage for any workgroup, department and small- to medium-sized business.

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High performance makes the StorCenter an ideal candidate for email and database applications or as a fast backup target. High reliability features ensure maximum availability; RAID with hot-swap drives and automatic rebuild; dual hot-swap power supplies; redundant variable-speed hot-swap chassis cooling fans.

Features and Benefits

  • Sharing: Access files from any networked Windows PC, Linux workstation or MAC for easy file sharing, data backup and print serving
  • High Performance: Dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity combined with a high performance embedded architecture
  • RAID support: RAID 10, RAID 5 (pre-configured), and JBOD with automatic RAID rebuild and user replaceable drives
  • Virtual Environment Support: VMware certified for NFS and iSCSI
  • Folder Quotas: Easily manage capacity by setting a maximum for shared storage folders
  • UPS Support: Enables unattended system shutdown via the USB port without data loss in case of power failure
  • Device-to-Device Replication: Replicate your data from StorCenter to StorCenter, to an external USB drive, of to another network target
  • Remote Access: With web-based remote access, you can safely connect to your valuable files from anywhere in the world
  • Power Savings: Idle drive spin-down and an Energy Star certified power supply reduces power consumption
  • Windows Active Directory (AD) Support: Functions as a client member in an AD domain allowing the device to utilize the domain users and groups
  • Alerts: Email and SNMP monitoring. If the device detects a problem, an email alert is sent to one or more email addresses
  • Video Surveillance: Connect up to 6 network security cameras, including Axis; captures and stores video without the need of a dedicated PC
  • Print Server: intelligent print sharing capability for up to three USB printers directly connected to the StorCenter ix4
  • Expandability: Add storage capacity by connecting external USB Hard Disk Drives; read and write on Fat32, NTFS or ext2/ext3 formatted hard disks, and read only on external HFS+ formatted drives
  • Iomega QuikTransfer: With just one touch, transfer data from a USB drive or to run a replication job - without the need of a PC

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