Iomega Network Attached Storage (NAS) Systems

Industry-leader in providing network-attached solutions and portable hard drives. Iomega is a worldwide leader in innovative storage solutions for small businesses, remote offices, home offices, and consumers, having sold more than 400 million storage devices and disks since 1980. Iomega is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EMC Corporation, the world's leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions. Today, Iomega's product portfolio includes the industry-leading StorCenter family of network attached storage solutions - as well as external hard drives, multimedia drives, and removable storage drives.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Systems

Iomega Network Attached Storage NAS systems featuring enhanced network performance and improving storage accessibility made available in the Philippines by Imaginet. Store files and make them available to authorized network users with Iomega Network-Attached Storage (NAS) System. With the NAS devices clients can directly access the storage device, independent of a specific network or application server, thereby enhancing overall network performance, while improving storage accessibility. NAS servers offer the ease of use and flexibility small and mid-size businesses need, while providing the superior data protection they demand.

With its award-winning removable storage technology, the REV Backup Drive, Iomega has developed high-quality product storage solutions that includes the Prestige and Compact Portable Hard Drives , eGo Portable Series with Protection Suite and Iomega Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Systems.

Imaginet is a leading provider of Iomega Portable Storage and Network-Attached Storage in the Philippines.