SiRRAN Communications Ltd.

Leading the Way to Revolutionized Mobile Network Technology

SiRRAN is known for providing cost-effective, rapidly deployable private and cellular network solutions that deliver reliable and secure communication systems in the most demanding and difficult environments and locations, often where previously thought impossible.

SiRRAN’s EXPLORER Mobile Net is a fully integrated mobile network device that offers fast and reliable cellular network solutions especially in critical areas that are susceptible to natural calamities and disasters.

Combined with Cobham’s advanced cellular communications and wireless networking, SiRRAN EXPLORER Mobile Net technology delivers a fully operational “Network in a Box” with voice and data communications capability that serves as a great tool for disaster risk management and recovery right where it is needed most.

Deliver Emergency & HA/DR with 2G/3G communications within 4 MINUTES, with SiRRAN EXPLORER Mobile Net!

This is not a repeater or a booster, this system provides you with an entire secure and private mobile network.

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Imaginet is the exclusive partner of SiRRAN Communications in the Philippines to deliver integrated mobile network solutions to national, Provincial & Local Government organizations that require rapid deployable communications with guaranteed data security and network integrity In harsh environments – ideal for HA/DR and Post-Disaster Recovery.


SiRRAN EXPLORER Mobile Net Architecture

SiRRAN EXPLORER Mobile Net is a deployable tactical secure GSM network solution that provides reliable cellular communications coverage especially on multi-hazard zones where access to live and real-time information is essential.

SiRRAN Architecture

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Network Reach

SiRRAN EXPLORER Mobile Net offers up to 7KM operational limit for the system.


Key Features:

  • Easy to use- once configured, operation is just an On/Off switch
  • Lightweight – comes with a portable and easy-to-carry case for user’s convenience
  • Cost efficient- with free calls, SMS and data communication within network coverage
  • Scalability- offers simultaneous access to 1000+ users with its 2x base stations ( 2G and 3G)
  • Long Battery Life- can last up to 5 hours of operation

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Need to manage Field information for HA/DR ? – KESTREL’s FIST also runs on SiRRAN Mobile Net