Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktops and IdeaCentre Desktops

With a wide variety of products, Lenovo Desktops are available for home, gaming, entertainment, and business use. Lenovo ThinkCentre and IdeaCentre Desktops deliver high processing power, state-of-the-art security, high-definition displays and rock-solid reliability for home, gaming, entertainment and business use.

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Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktops - business savvy desktops

Reliable and secured Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktops provided by Imaginet - Lenovo Business Partner in the PhilippinesThinkCentre desktops bring quad-core processing power, state-of-the-art security and rock-solid reliability to your business or enterprise. Combining Lenovo's growing list of ThinkVantage Technologies with Intel vPro™ technology, ThinkCentre desktops can do more work, save more time and money, and introduce dramatic new ways for your business to build competitive advantages.

The ThinkVantage Client Security Solution, along with the fingerprint reader keyboard, provides an extra layer of protection for passwords, encryption keys and electronic credentials. ThinkCentre desktops support DID, enabling you to view up to four screens simultaneously. DID technology can help reduce errors in text editing, spreadsheets and other tasks by providing easier navigation between applications, improving productivity across your business.

Lenovo ThinkCentre All-in-One Desktop PC for business

Lenovo ThinkCentre All-in-one Desktop PC for small to medium businesses and large enterprises offered by Imaginet - Lenovo Business Partner in the PhilippinesThe ThinkCentre A70z All-in-one is Lenovo’s first commercial-grade, all-in-one desktop computer. Smart, secure, and advanced PC technology disguised in an elegant, affordable, space-saving design. A70z is built to meet the challenges facing organizations today and tomorrow. Monitor, hard drive, superior business-grade technology and convenient design elements usually reserved for consumer PCs €”all-in-one. It's a clever hybrid of the best features consumer and business PCs have to offer.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktop - high performance multimedia desktops

Stylish Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktops with multimedia versatility provided by Imaginet - Lenovo Business Partner in the PhilippinesThe Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktops offer distinctive style, multimedia versatility, and smart technology features like face recognition, automatic brightness adjustment, and one-key functionality - to provide the very best user experience. Whichever Lenovo IdeaCentre desktop you choose, you’ll enjoy dependable, high-quality performance, peace-of-mind features and world class customer service.

Features of IdeaCentre Desktops
  • Up to Intel Core Quad Processing
  • Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium. Other editions of Windows Vista are available.
  • Space-Saving all-in-one or traditional tower designs
  • Easy set up or tool-free designs
  • Intuitive controls like 4-in-1 remote
  • Built-in solutions: Lenovo Rescue System and VeriFace

As Lenovo’s Business Partner in the Philippines, Imaginet provides the best desktops for business and home use with ThinkCentre and IdeaCentre desktops.

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