Mine Site Technologies ImPact Communications Appliance

ImPact Communications systems for surface and underground operations in the Philippines offered by ImaginetMine Site Technologies (MST) is a solutions provider, specializing in the development, supply and support of communications hardware, software and services to the mining industry. MST’s areas of expertise include underground communications, cap lamps,, with through-the-earth and Ethernet/Wi-Fi communications, as well as broadband wireless systems including high data wireless mesh systems for open pit and surface communications.

Imaginet is officially a Mine Site Technologies Partner in the Philippines offering ImPact Communications systems for surface and underground operations.

ImPact Communications Appliance (ICA)
The ImPact technology suite is designed to lead mining communications and digital network infrastructure into the future. The ImPact Communications Appliance (ICA) supports a wide range of communication devices that have been specifically developed for the mining industry to operate within the harsh environments encountered in all types of mining, from underground to surface operations.

The ICA delivers an integrated presentation of mine activities by providing clear but detailed views of data sourced from tracking systems, voice communications systems, and vehicle data acquisition systems. The ICA also manages many aspects of personnel and asset tracking operations: Alarms, Reports, System Monitoring, System Backup & Archiving, and the configuration of a range of other ImPact System devices.

More Features and Benefits:

Unified software platform All software components running on a single server minimizing user error and simplifying support and maintenance
Web based user interface Viewable from any authenticated PC with a web browser
Manages system traffic reduces network congestion keeping system reliable
Multiple software modules available Only purchase functionality that you currently need and add other modules as you require them
Lite or Full versions available Scalable solution that will grow as your requirements grow

Visit the Mine Site Technologies website for a detailed description of ImPact Communication Appliance.