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A global company, Network Critical leads the network monitoring industry with constant innovation and unique modular design. Our technology ensures 100% continuous network visibility and ZERO packet loss. Our products eliminate any concerns of downtime while adapting to the configuration of your network and scaling alongside growth.

Imaginet now supplies Network Critical Solutions range of products and services in the Philippines

A leading Access Technology Solutions provider, Network Critical is the only company bringing network access to enterprise level. Network Critical’s primary area of expertise is with their manufacturing and marketing of their range of TAPS products for monitoring network data. Network Critical’s pioneering design capability led to the introduction of the first modular chassis system offering smarter ways to access network infrastructures through dedicated chassis & module-based systems to support many different monitoring needs. By integrating flexibility into an enterprise-based system, Network Critical’s solutions offer both reliability and the ability to make changes easily and economically.
Network Critical, along with it’s range of TAPS devices, also provides a broad range of NPB (network pocket broker) solutions, a new approach that allows visibility into network activity. NPB technologies intelligently direct traffic to the relevant network tools helping to optimise performance, compliance and deliver improved security insights. Network Critical solutions are modular and scale to accommodate growth. This creates an efficient monitoring access environment that’s attuned to next-generation data demands whilst reducing Capex and improving ROI.

The complete line of Access Technology Solutions offered by Network Critical differs from traditional tapping technologies. Their products make a copy of a network’s traffic, they isolate themselves from the live network and are able to collect all passing traffic without introducing latency. This reduces network downtime while ensuring it is fully compliant. The result is that all traffic is seen without affecting its flow along the live network.

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Drag-n-Vu is the revolutionary, patented computational engine and graphical interface that powers Network Critical’s SmartNA-X & SmartNA-X HD family of solutions.

Powered by Drag-n-Vu. High density scalable 10G packet brokers providing network visibility, data access and optimization for network monitoring and security tools.

Powered by Drag-n-Vu. Modular, scalable and customizable 1/10G packet broker and TAPS solution for network monitoring and security tools.

Modular, scalable and customizable 1G packet broker and TAP solution for network monitoring and security tools.

Complete fail-safe protection, giving you the ability to install your monitoring tools virtually, inline.

A safe and simple way to access live network traffic and provide copies to separate monitoring ports.

Imaginet now supplies Network Critical Solutions range of products and services in the Philippines.