Network Design Services

Before purchasing equipment or deciding on a hardware platform, you must first identify your end user requirements. An efficient computer network design requires an extensive study of the resources needed; the services to be provided, and the basic needs of your end users. Imaginet’s Network Design Services provide a structured approach for your networking needs. From security, availability, scalability, performance and size, Imaginet analyzes your needs and makes informed recommendations for the correct solution to your IT network and requirements.

Don’t let network down times and poor network set-up get in the way of your business operations. Imaginet’s Network Design creates an availability and performance solution that’s within your company’s budget guidelines and your IT standards.

Imaginet’s Certified IT Engineers

Imaginet designs a network that is customized for your current and future needs. All Imaginet’s IT Engineers are certified and our Management teams 30+ years experience means you get the best advise. Factors that make up a logical network design include Hardware selection, network access control & security, backup, recovery & storage, future expansion, and an implementation plan. We understand what you want; we design what you need, and make recommendations as what can be maintained, supported and built, based on our local knowledge.

We help you figure out what you really need

Before planning and designing your network, you must first know what your needs are. What services must you provide to your users? Do you need a remote site connection? What resources do you have to implement & support it? How will your network grow and expand in the near and long term future? Imaginet takes all of this into consideration and more to ensure your IT infrastructure will provide high performance and high availability services today and tomorrow.

Our network design methodology

Imaginet offers network design services within company guidelines and IT standards in the Philippines

Imaginet’s network design services start from analyzing the business needs of the client and the environment in which they will operate. A Network Design document is delivered that can be used either internally or as a RFP to move from Design to Implementation. A complete Network Design Service will include detailed explanations and recommendations based on your business requirements. Imaginet assures clients that their network designs can deal with client’s security needs, budget constraints and projected data & storage requirements. With a Network Design, you are now ready to implement the solution! Click here for more information on our Network Implementation services.