Network Monitoring Services

Imaginet’s Network Monitoring Services offers a proactive approach when it comes to monitoring the performance of your computer network. Based on pre-agreed conditions, time, or severity of the event, Imaginet notifies you when you’re close to exceeding your thresholds. This unparalled monitoring and reporting capability allows you to plan ahead to prevent unscheduled downtimes and increase availability.

A 2 hour outage on a 80 user network costs 160 man-hours of lost time and production - the equivalent of a man month! Plan ahead and prevent network downtime with Imaginet’s Network Monitoring Services.

Monitor and be notified of network failures and threats


Every network must be monitored to ensure continuous performance and prevent future network issues. When a network goes down, it hinders business operations. With Imaginet’s network monitoring services you’ll recognize a network emergency and spot early signs of trouble in real time and take action to prevent problems from even occurring and schedule essential maintenance in non-productive timeslots.

Run 40 checks at a time per selected device

Imaginet’s Network Monitoring monitors database servers, email and all associated network services by actually logging in. It also performs administrative steps to ensure that a service is running and can take corrective action automatically. This service also monitors network traffic, bandwidth, server overload and downtime with real-time and historical reporting.

Imaginet’s Network monitoring service also allows you to verify the compliance of your third party providers (e.g. ISP or Web Hosting Service) to their contractual Service Level Agreements (SLA).

24/7 Monitoring with SMS and email notifications

Imaginet’s Network Monitoring Service provides a customizable reporting and notification structure that fits with your company’s requirements. Notifications are sent via email or SMS to nominated personnel depending on date, time or severity. Maintenance schedules can also be monitored by the service to avoid false alarms during scheduled downtime.

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