Pitney Bowes Software Encom Discover 3D

Turn 2D to 3D environment with Encom Discover 3D by Pitney Bowes Software provided by Imaginet in the Philippines Encom Discover 3D 6.0 for MapInfo Professional is the first fully integrated 3D GIS solution for the resource sector. Built on top of the functionality and power of the award-winning Encom Discover, Discover 3D turns the 2D environment into a full 3D GIS system. Accurately visualize and analyze all of your datasets in the Discover 3D environment. Then interpret, digitize and model them to examine and test trends, potential extensions, offsets and targets.

Encom Discover 3D Features

  • fully integrated with Encom Discover and MapInfo Professional
  • real-time 3D navigation via the mouse or SpaceNavigator(tm)
  • fly-through movie creation and playback
  • extensive industry format support, allowing the visualization and manipulation of data such as gridded surfaces, vectors objects, voxel models and raster images
  • visualize and analyze drillhole projects in 3D in detail, including color and thickness modulation display controls, 2D section boundary display, live downhole data interrogation, etc
  • dynamic drillhole planning and targeting
  • extensive powerful modeling and gridding capabilities

These modeling and gridding capabilities include:

  • extrusion of simple objects to create fault planes, stratigraphic boundaries, etc
  • digitize interpretations directly in 3D, including snapping precisely to drillhole intervals
  • wireframing between objects (including timeline support) to build triangulated surfaces and solids
  • interpolation between 3D objects to create smooth gridded surfaces
  • 3D block modeling (3D gridding) to create and manipulate voxel models
  • model refinement and experimentation with Discover 3D's advanced editing functionality, e.g. cutting or intersecting one model with another, elastically reshaping regions within a solid, combining multiple models, etc

Discover 3D offers a versatile data integration environment which will not only raise the productivity of your multidisciplinary project teams but also provide them with a new platform to stimulate discussion, enrich exploration strategies and contribute to exploration success.

Imaginet is an Authorized Reseller of Encom Discover 3D by Pitney Bowes Software in the Philippines.