Pitney Bowes Software Encom Discover Mobile 3.5.1

Encom Discover Mobile by Pitney Bowes Software for capturing GIS data anytime, anywhere, provided by Imaginet in the Philippines Encom Discover Mobile, the companion to Encom Discover Desktop Geographical Information System for MapInfo Professional, now makes it easier than ever before to capture GIS data in the field. You can take your digital maps and images wherever you go. Discover Mobile is GPS enabled and can be used for in-field data capture, sample logging, mapping and navigation.

The Discover Mobile delivers a range of desktop connectivity and data management tools. It also supports mobile XRF data capture in the field, as well as solutions for capturing GPS data in difficult terrain. Discover Mobile lets the user take MapInfo desktop GIS data to the field. With Discover Mobile users can display color raster images of aerial photos, satellite scenes and aeromagnetic, gravity and geochemistry data. Set the raster layers so they are partially transparent and overlay these on your geology maps, topographic data and tenement outlines to assist your navigation in the field.

Field Data Capture

Fully GPS-enabled, with a comprehensive set of object drawing and editing tools, Discover Mobile helps you log samples, map geological boundaries, assign attributes and record structural measurements.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Connect a GPS receiver to a handheld PDA running Discover Mobile and you have a real-time tracking device. Watch your position automatically update as you navigate using your MapInfo data as a base map.

Portable XRF Connectivity

Capture multi-element measurements from an Innov-X Omega handheld XRFsystem and correlate these in real-time against known geochemical, geological and geophysical datasets.


  • simple transfer of data between devices
  • simple GPS connection and support
  • easy to use with intuitive user interface using toolbars and menus
  • basic file maintenance with files fully compatible with MapInfo Professional
  • Geoset saving for restoring sessions
  • interactive location tools
  • distance measurement tools
  • comprehensive navigation tools for control of the screen display
  • native Trimble TSIP protocol support
  • Trimble Post Processing support option

Imaginet is an Authorized Reseller of Encom Discover Mobile in-field data capture by Pitney Bowes Software in the Philippines.