RolaTube Expeditionary Systems

RolaTube Expeditionary Systems (REX) delivers products and systems utilising their revolutionary and proprietary Bi Stable Reeled Composite Technology to customers in the Defence, Homeland Security, Emergency Services, Disaster Relief, UN and NGO sectors for Dismounted and On Platform Integration.

RolaTube Systems and Products have now been In Service with the UK, US and other leading militaries of the world for a number of years and used on combat operations. They are thus proven by the most exacting customers and in the most arduous environmental conditions.

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RolaTube Single and Double Mast Systems

RolaTube Single Mast Systems
Ideal for the rapid deployment of lightweight systems for the mobile user.

RolaTube Double Mast Systems work by the combination of 2 x Single Masts – one slid inside the other.

  • RolaTube Double Mast Systems work by the combination of 2 x Single Masts – one slid inside the other.
  • This delivers a substantial increase in torsional strength and weight loading capability.
  • This characteristic makes the double mast systems ideal for those sensors and antennas that are in excess of 5 KG and require high levels of stability.


RolaTube Tripods Systems

Tactical Surveillance Tripods

  • 2” Diameter tripods at 1m and 2m, for surveillance systems and sensors
  • Used with Mast Adapter to create Mast / Tripod Combination System
  • Lightweight / Compact / Versatile
  • 2m 2” Tripod can take a payload of 30Kg
  • Lightweight / Compact / Versatile

Micro Tripod

  • RMTA 002 Micro Tripod
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Optimised for JTAC / Rifles and other handheld optronic systems
  • Non Magnetic
  • 360 degree movement and U/D: L/R fine adjust
  • Quick Action Mode without legs fitted
  • 70cm legs and 1.5m Legs

RolaTube UHF/VHF

  • RF Data at end of this document
  • Available in three Variants:
    • VHF 30-108 MHz
    • UHF 225-512 MHz
    • Dual VHF/UHF 30-108 & 225- 512 MHz
  • Options Available on Request to include L Band and HF NVIS

Integrated Antenna Systems

C4ISR Network Solutions

Optronics and Weapon Tripod Systems and Towers