RolaTube RAMM VHF/UHF Integrated Antenna Mast System

RolaTube Expeditionary Systems (REX) delivers products and systems utilising their revolutionary and proprietary Bi Stable Reeled Composite Technology to customers in the Defence, Homeland Security, Emergency Services, Disaster Relief, UN and NGO sectors for Dismounted and On Platform Integration.

RolaTube Systems and Products have now been In Service with the UK, US and other leading militaries of the world for a number of years and used on combat operations. They are thus proven by the most exacting customers and in the most arduous environmental conditions.

The RAMM (Rapid Action Mission Mast) is a combined mast and antenna(s). The unique feature is the embedding of the antenna within the mast itself, and the deployment mechanism of the mast in its quick use format of rolling and unrolling.

  • Integration of SelexES Antennas with the RolaTube Mast to deliver a Roll Up Mast Antennas
  • Delivers enhanced capability to the user from smaller / more compact / lighter package
  • Products:
    • 5m Tactical VHF 30-108 MHz Antenna Mast
    • 5m Tactical VHF/ UHF 30-108 & 225-512 MHz Dual Antenna Mast
  • Antennas are Vertical, Elevated Dipoles
  • VSWR 3.5:1
  • Peak Gain: +1 dBi@ 108 MHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Max Power: 25W


The RAMM VHP/UHF Integrated Antenna Mast System





Dual V/UHF Antenna Part No 9R8-2068

Single Band VHF Antenna (VHF aspects only) Part No 9R8-2066

Single Band UHF Antenna (UHF aspects only) Part No 9R8-2067

Mast dimensions

Rolled: 180mm by 250mm in diameter

Unrolled: 7m by 76mm in diameter

Mast Weight 5Kg nominal
Kit Weight  7.4Kg nominal
Electrical VHF UHF
Frequency 30 to 108MHz 225 to 512 MHz
VSWR < 3.5 : 1 < 3.5 : 1
Maximum Power 50W 25W
Nominal impedance 50Ω
Polarisation Linear vertical
Weights Qty Set Of Weight Kg
Antenna Mast  1 1 5.01 5.01
Top Collar 1 1 0.24 0.24
Secondary Cuff 1 1 0.22 0.22
7.5m Guy Rope 1 3 0.09 0.26
5.5m Guy Rope 1 3 0.07 0.21
End Cap 1 1 0.32 0.32
Cable 1 1 0.26 0.26
Peg 1 9 0.08 0.72
Bag 1 1 0.40 0.40


Sample RAMM Integrated Antenna RF Data