WatchGuard XTMv – Virtual Network Security for Today’s Business Needs

Watchguard Technologies, network security solutions provided by Imaginet - WatchGuard Security Partner in the PhilippinesWatchGuard XTMv is the best in class impenetrable security for virtualization with real time monitoring, multi WAN support and scalable solutions that fit any size of business. XTMv makes your virtual environments just as secure as your physical ones. Now virtual applications and infrastructure can be secured and resources can be maximized with unified management.

Imaginet is a WatchGuard Expert Partner in the Philippines and offers virtual network security for virtual environments for organizations of all sizes – from small offices to large businesses and service providers.

Securely Run Virtual Appliances on your Virtual Infrastructure

  • Leading UTM/NGFW features and services in virtual infrastructure.
  • Easy to download, enable, deploy and manage (WSM, web, CLI)
  • Leverages vSphere flexibility and availability
  • Multiple models for organizations of all sizes
  • Campuses, cloud/hosting, branch consolidation
  • Per-customer, -department, or –app deployment

Comprehensive Protection
Have all of the security and networking services found in our award-winning physical appliances, including full HTTPS inspection and support for mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Application Control
Control the use of Web 2.0 and other applications on your network for tighter security, better use of bandwidth, and greater productivity.

Faster, Safe Web Surfing
Add a simple subscription to Reputation Enable Defense to your XTMv solution and your organization will have faster web performance and even stronger security – with no additional hardware to buy.

Unmatched Deployment Flexibility
Deploy a mix of hardware and virtual appliances, operating together but managed from a common centralized management platform.

3 ways to manage your virtual appliance
You have the power to choose how you manage your virtual appliance, including the intuitive WatchGuard System Manager console, a scriptable command line interface, and a web UI for access from anywhere, anytime.

Reporting in the Browser
Provides a web-based, customizable reports portal designed to be hosted with direct Internet access for easy report selection and viewing.