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Job Lights - Battery & Powerhouse

Using the same design as the mains power worklights, in single or dual H stands or on tripods, battery power job lights provide up to 10,000 lumens of independent lighting, easy to carry and position for any workspace.

The Powerhouse series mains power work lights generates up to 24,000 lumens for large work areas in an easy to carry U shaped handle.

  • Job lights - Battery power

    Job lights - Battery power

    Our battery powered job lights are very versatile members of our lighting range. They start at 600 Lumens and increase to 5,000 Lumens making them all very useful in the working environment whether it be a garage while decorating or outside in a more agricultural setting.

  • Powerhouse Job lights - mains power

    Powerhouse Job lights - mains power

    The 120W and 200W Mightylite Power House are the latest development in high quality professional floodlighting delivering industry-leading levels of light from their high-powered Korean LEDs, and British designed dedicated driver units.

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