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Kestrel FIST

FIST - The Field Information Systems Technology

Multi Source Data Gathering and analysis for HA/DR, LEA, Dark Network Analysis with ALPR, AFR, IMSI & CLR matching is provided by the Field Information Systems technology (FIST) applications that run on Mobiles, Tablets and highly redundant, distributed back end secure server systems.

FIST - The Field Information Systems Technology

Your Trusted Partner in Data Gathering and Analytics

FIST (Field Information System Technology) is a commercially available off-the-shelf software application that operates in conjunction with a web based Internet Knowledge Management application (Fusion Portal) created by Kestrel Technology that enables users to optimize data gathering and collection into actionable information.

FIST provides innovative data and analytical process solutions which are critical in supporting multi-mission requirements. Aside from military, law enforcement and government agencies usage, this software application is an invaluable tool for Human Assistance and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) operations at times of calamity and disaster.

The software application has been used by various organizations like ASEAN, Red Cross, USCG and on Pacific Endeavor operations as well as by PAGASA and other Government agencies in the Philippines. FIST data gathering and in-depth analysis capabilities also makes it an indispensable tool in the surveillance & time line monitoring of pandemic diseases as well as natural disasters.