Making I.T. Work Since 1998

Imaginet International Inc. is a leading IT systems integrator and managed network, hosting and content security services provider in the Philippines that not only provides system integration and networking, but complete IT-based business solutions from the ground up. For years, we have worked with our partners in various industries such as Mining, Construction, Information Technology, Finance, Logistics, and Security.

Our partners provide complementary services to Imaginet’s clients. Being the best in their field, our partners offer top quality products and services that create innovative solutions for their clients. It is through their support that Imaginet is able to provide complete IT-based business solutions that match each and every one of our client’s requirements.

Sheep KOLD KINGS GROUP INC. offers modern cost-effective technology-enhanced fully integrated security solutions, with a multi-angle approach to mitigate risks. KKG has a multi-talented team of experts in Physical and Technological Security Solutions; which includes Centralized Monitoring and Emergency Response Teams.
Sheep Kestrel Technology Group has been working with US and ASEAN nations since 2006 to develop and deploy uniquely powerful information technology solutions for Disaster Management and other missions. KTG is an 8(a)company based in Texas and continues to develop its FIST (Field Information Support Tool) solution in collaboration with the USG and ASEAN nations. *The FIST scope of synchronized task integration increases the rate of knowledge that can be attained and applied in information-dense and high tempo situations such as disaster management*. These solutions combine analysis, multi-source & multi-sensor integration, geospatial layering, and robust command to field communications in a seamless cycle. Intelligent decisions are made faster using information fused from diverse sources and are delivered anywhere, anytime. Using FIST, structured processes integrate smartphones, PC's, video, UAVs, identity technology, and enterprise & open-source data; this enables comprehensive support for disaster resiliency via planning, response, and recovery. Kestrel has deployed its technology solutions in the ASEAN region for disaster management, maritime security, public health, and environmental conservation. Kestrel's partners include Imaginet International Inc. for mission-critical networks and the Asia Pacific Strategies & Solutions Group for field Operations, both Philippine based. link
Sheep The Asia Pacific Strategies & Solutions (APSS) Group is a U.S.-based company comprised of a network of consultants and alliance partners throughout the Asia Pacific region. Most of our staff and principal consultants are based in the Philippines and neighboring countries. This provides our clients in-depth knowledge about local situations, reduced mobilization expenditures, and in-country support as required. link
Sheep GO GRIDLESS Philippines Corp. is a Manila-based solar and energy solutions provider catering to residential and commercial projects. We have speciality across gridconnected solutions, hybrid solutions with batteries, and also off-grid solutions for locations that experience poorly served electricity services. We aim to help our clients create more affordable, reliable, and sustainable properties through Class-A quality solutions that are sourced from industry-leading supply partners around the world. link
Sheep SDev Technologies is a fast-growing provider of Business Collaboration Solutions, Ad hoc Application Development, and Managed Application Services to different business sectors in the Philippines. We excel on different application development platforms such as HCL Notes Designer, Lotusscript, Formula, XPages, Java, Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, JQuery, NPM, Laravel, C, C++, C#, PHP, CSS, HTML, Visual Basic, and .NET to name a few. link
Sheep TNO (The Northern Office) is a sales and marketing consultancy firm specializing in innovative marketing support for small to medium enterprises (SME). The Northern Office makes use of creative, original and effective marketing plans and activities that suit each and every client depending on their industry, offering and requirements. Specializing in Online Marketing, TNO provides innovative and profitable marketing solutions for all clients. link
Sheep CERTIFIED BY is a two-sided platform, for organizations. provides quality assurance, benchmarking, decision making & policy setting, but FOR THE FIRST TIME... SMEs and nonprofits can now easily and affordably self-assess, report, remediate and certify themselves to best practice standards. link
Sheep Global Credit Solutions (GCS) is one of the world's largest credit management specialists. With more than 3,000 people, employed in over 70 countries, GCS has the resources to ensure that you are protected from risk wherever you might be trading. GCS is dedicated to being the Global leader in the development and provision of Credit Management & Risk Management Services. link
Sheep PTI (Paperless Trail Inc) is a Philippines based systems integrator and application developer specializing in digital mapping, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications and document imaging. The company has created Location Intelligence solutions for multiple industries including FMCG, healthcare, franchising, banking and finance. link
Sheep Pacific Strategies and Assessments, Phils. Inc. (The Organization) Pacific Strategies& Assessments (PSA) is a leading business risk consultancy, providing security consulting, crisis management, business intelligence, investigations, and background screening services.PSA specializes in Asian risk, with offices in Manila, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok and Milwaukee . Our staff has extensive experience in the region, with professional backgrounds in government intelligence, military special operations and corporate security, as well as journalism, marketing, and management consulting. link