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Imaginet Unveils Exclusive Distribution Deal with Electrodata for the Philippines

July, 2014, Manila – Imaginet International Inc., a major supplier of IT services in the Philippines, is delighted to announce the recent signing of an exclusive distribution deal with Electrodata Recorders from Australia for the handling of sales of their state of the art call recording technologies.

“Given the global attention that this area has received in recent months, we are delighted to have secured this supply agreement with Electrodata as world leaders in call recording technology”, stated Imaginet COO Blair Duncan.

Electrodata specializes in the real-time recording of all mobile and radio voice transmissions for storage and review purposes. Their products are designed for use across volatile and fast moving multi-band situations requiring absolute data accuracy and integrity.

Duncan added, “we have a growing presence in networking and telecommunications within the airport and emergencies services sector here in the Philippines and this deal along with the previously announced supply arrangement with Time & Frequency from the UK for their time server units, means that Imaginet can now furnish a full range of equipment options in this critical area”.

About Electrodata

Electrodata manufactures call recording and voice logging recorders designed to capture important telephone calls, mobile phone calls and two-way radio conversations for issue management and emergencies. Their products and solutions are deployed across numerous sites around the world. Most of the Australian Emergency Services Agencies employ their technology where they are widely recognized for their functionality, longevity, and value for money. For more details, visit their site at